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Bye-bye, bland.
Hello, Duroc pork!
Savor the flavor and juiciness you’ve
been missing.
A rack above the rest!
Our mouthwatering, fall-off-the-bone Duroc ribs can't be beat!
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Comfrey farm

Our Certified DUROC® heritage pork is crafted in small batches to be nutrient-rich, sustainable and the most succulent you’ve ever tasted. Comfrey Farm is one of only a few pork producers able to offer a USDA, all-natural, Certified DUROC® program.

You deserve better pork. What went wrong?

How did pork become dry, boring, tasteless…and white?
Through an emphasis on production efficiencies and lean cuts.

Isn’t it time to taste honest-to-goodness, full-flavored pork? Now you can indulge your craving for the rich, aromatic, sensual pleasure of oven roasted and artfully grilled meat. Trust Comfrey Farm® to bring you robust tender meat, brimming with juices. We produce in small batches for exquisite flavor, integrity, consistency and traceability.

Heirloom pork: Think of it as a special gift that’s handed down
from one generation to another.

Cook duroc pork and heritage pork to 145 degrees F.

 The safe and correct pork cooking temperature of 145º F is the final step in plating a perfectly juicy, tender cut of meat.

One man’s labor of love
is another’s delicious feast.

For Glen, pork is personal.

Raised on a family farm in Comfrey, Minnesota, Glen Taylor savored the memorable taste, aroma and good-for-you nature of farm-bred pork. Today, as owner of legions of successful American companies, Glen puts his resources into building businesses that positively impact people’s lives…creating jobs in rural America…and bringing back robust flavor and accountability to discerning consumers and chefs who expect the best.

Comfrey Farm will bring you unbeatable customer service and the juiciest, most flavorful, tender pork you’ve ever tasted.

Superior genetics for outstanding meat character and flavor

Like heirloom tomatoes, Duroc is a treasured breed, passed down generations for its exceptional taste. Our prized pigs are sired by registered purebred Durocs, known for being robust and hardy, bred to deliver everything you desire when it comes to exceptional, “craft” meat:

  • Extensive marbling means tender meat that is satisfying and juicy.
  • Our meat’s ruby-pink color, which comes from optimal pH levels, indicates
    fabulous texture and taste.
  • Concentrating on Certified DUROC®ensures an incredibly consistent, delectable eating experience.
Comfrey Farm® delights in bringing Duroc pork to your fork.

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DUROC® is a registered certification mark of the National Swine Registry.
*No artificial ingredients. Minimally processed.
**Federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones in pork.

Raised with dignity and respect on trusted Midwestern farms

Our trusted farmers and breeders are known for their integrity.

Our trusted family farmers and breeders are known for their integrity. They share our passion and commitment to the most rigorous standards for raising animals. This ensures unparalleled transparency, traceability, product consistency, and accountability.

Our barn was built with advice from Temple Grandin, respected livestock consultant and expert on animal behavior. There is ample space and special flooring for ease of movement. Built-in resting periods and fresh, open air maintain animal comfort. Raising animals with respect and dignity is not just the right thing to do; it produces better tasting meat.

How we protect the flavor

Advanced robotics. Skilled butchers. Rigorous quality control.
That’s how we deliver consistent flavor and safety from farm to table.

Comfrey Farm® owns and operates a new high-tech facility – among the best you’ll find anywhere in the U.S. Every part, every protocol was created to produce the best tasting pork ever, in the safest way possible.

Our processing plant combines automated robotics with precise temperature and sanitization measures. Digital controls allow for custom, precision cutting and less human error, as well as optimal safety for our employees and your food.

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