Comfrey Farm Pork

GROWN LOCALLY. KNOWN GLOBALLY as the Best Pork in the U.S.

Comfrey Farm CERTIFIED DUROC® is taking over the meat case.
Read Our Authentic Story. Taste the Deliciousness.

In his 20s he gets almost as good as his father at making the rounds before the first light of dawn shows itself to the fields, sky and farm animals. All are hungrily ready to consume the sun’s boundless energy and make the most of the gift of a new day. By mid-day, he is already soaked in sweat; muscles fatigued from work not recreation; carrying the worry and burden that comes from keeping prized, pedigreed pigs fed, watered, sheltered, comfortable and in the very best of health.

There’s always that moment every day (or at least once each week) when the Comfrey Farm Duroc pig farmer—otherwise known as “grower,” “producer,” or “caretaker”—pauses with gratitude and pride. He and his family, those who have gone before him and the sons, daughters, brothers, nieces and nephews who now stand before him, working side-by-side, could have chosen an easier, quicker, and less costly route. But then they would just be making a living and not living a dream. The dream to be a different kind of pork producer, one focused on delivering the absolute best.

Less than 150 miles away is the Comfrey Farm Prime Pork pig barn and pork packing plant in Windom, MN. They will accept Durocs from its four family farms, giving them the same care and respect as the growers. Truly wholesome, natural food does not come easily or thoughtlessly. The barn was designed in collaboration with Dr. Temple Grandin to accommodate the animals in a stress-free environment for rest and roaming. The newly overhauled plant incorporates every necessary detail to live up to the promise of giving an extraordinary eating experience to flavor-seekers.

It features bright, lofty spaces with highly automated robotics and temperature control, which keeps the food and workers safe while preserving the ruby-pink color and freshness of the pork. It also showcases the craftsmanship of more than a hundred skilled butchers on the floor—mothers, fathers, los jóvenes, on their feet day after day, masterfully cutting each piece of meat with the talent of an artist and the eye of an inspector.

How could this daily grind be satisfying? One taste will explain it all. Satisfaction comes from the consumer who calls to say she has been craving this indescribable real pork flavor since she was a child five decades ago. And from the butcher who said he has been selling pork for more than three decades and has never tasted anything more delicious than this Comfrey Farm purebred Duroc pork.

This is living our dream. We invite you to experience and enjoy, time and time again, our all-natural DUROC pork on your fork. Find us at these fine establishments: